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Conference facilities

For meetings & conferences you can use our conference room "Lasterommet". Up to 30 persons can be seated here with a tradional class room setup. For larger meetings we can prepare the room with chairs only and in this way make room for up to 50 persons. Another option for bigger meetings is to use Båtsalen ("The boat hall") as a meeting room.

In one corner of the room we have a comfortable conference table with chairs for 10 persons.

In the meeting room we can offer a projector, a flipover board & a whiteboard. We offer a free wireless internet connection.

If you need rooms for group work, there are several good locations for this around the house.

Why not combine the meeting at Gunnabuda with a good lunch or dinner in Pub Ullasund!



 Class room setup


The conference table


Maritime environment in the whole house... Photo taken outside the meeting room.

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